What is the 21 Day Fix Program?

If you’re wondering what the 21 Day Fix Program is you’ve come to the right place. I just finished the 21 Day Fix and am down 12 pounds and 12.5″. The program is designed to help you lose up to 15 pounds in 3 weeks. Now that the 3 weeks are over, I can say it was easier than I thought it would be thanks to the “food cheats” you can use each week. This girl loves a good glass of Riesling, so I looked forward to 3 glasses each week!

21 Day Fix is an eating plan designed around nutrition, portion control and 30 minute exercises. The 21 Day Fix teaches you what is healthy to eat and how much you should really be eating in a day. The 21 Day Fix is 21 days long……the amount of time it takes to create a habit. When you’re done with the 21 Day Fix the goal is to have left you with new habits as they relate to healthy living!

The 21 Day Fix containers (as seen in the picture above) take the guesswork out of measuring and weighing. You don’t count calories, carbs, points or anything else that leads to confusion. Depending on your caloric need for the day, the program spells out how many containers of each color you need to eat per day to lose weight.

When you purchase a 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack, it will include:

  • 21 Day Fix Program DVD’s
  • FREE BONUS – PiYo DVD ($20 value)
  • 30-day supply of Shakeology (What is Shakeology?)
  • 21 Day Fix Nutrition Guide
  • 21 Day Fix Containers
  • 21 Day Fix Shakeology Shaker
  • 21 Day Fix Workout Calendar
  • 30-Day free Club Level Membership to Beachbody


If you would like to participate in the next Mrs. Fitness Challenge Group, head over HERE to read all the details and get signed up! This challenge group is for anyone following the 21 Day Fix, P90X, T25, Insanity, PiYO, or any other Beachbody Program. 


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